An Introduction to Course Modules:

Module 1: Stretching Watercolour Paper

A description on the technique of stretching water colour paper, prior to painting

2. Module 2: Your First Painting: Martello Tower, Jersey

The basis of this first painting exercise is to allow the student to become familiar with a simple beach scene, to draw on to the stretched paper and then apply 4 basic water colours.

Watercolour Painting of  Martello Tower Jersey

painted by Ron Mottram originally used
as a teaching method by Geof Hunt

3. Painting Exercises:

The colour wheel is designed upon primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Further colour development is followed through so that the student becomes aware of colour gradations. Also, colour mixes and glazes are practised so that the student can associate certain landscape objects with a predefined colour schema.

4. A Lakeside Scene : Llyn Padarn

The painting is used to demonstrate atmospheric perspective, developed using 3 colours, the use of masking fluid and applying wet into wet techniques.

Watercolour Painting of A Lakeside Scene in Llyn Padarn

painted by Ron Mottram originally used
as a teaching method by Geof Hunt

5. A Welsh Farm : Ruthin, North Wales

The scene depicts a mountain landscape with the ranges giving an impression of distances through backwashing.

6. A Mountain Landscape :
Tryffan - Snowdonia

The painting is snow scene depicting the bareness of the landscape using minimalism in colours

painted by Ron Mottram originally used
as a teaching method by Geof Hunt

7. Lindisfarne Castle: Holy Island

The scene is used to demonstrate atmospheric distance with precision in the foreground. It is used to move the eye subconsciously around the painting eventually centring on the castle, set in relief.

8. Menai Bridge : Anglesey

The scene is used to improve drawing technique of a solid structure, set horizontally. A sense of distance by the interplay of the mountains in the hinterland, with the straits is portrayed through using 4 basic colours.

painted by Ron Mottram

9. Drawing Techniques

Lesson 1: How To Draw
Lesson 2: Drawing From Memory
Lesson 3: Perspective
Lesson 4: Shading

drawn by Ron Mottram

10. Pen and Ink Sketching

A study in the use of pen and ink with a watercolour wash

11. A Welsh Farm : North Wales

The module is used to demonstrate linear perspective, the use of animals in a painting and lost & found techniques for the mountain mist effects.

12. Drawing Topics

The module is a series of drawing subjects to develop and achieve a sense of dimension, scale, shading and accuracy of detail.

13. Loch Fyne.

The painting is used to demonstrate linear perspective and atmospheric perspective using the minimum of colours in the palette.

14. Helvellyn : Village

The module is used to demonstrate perspective, the use of strong shadows and people to give the overall impression of life within a painting.

15. Currie Rivell : Village

The painting is used to demonstrate the use of a sponge technique to create three dimensional bushes.


painted by Ron Mottram

16. Criccieth :

This painting demonstrates the use of atmosphere, perspective and illustrates figures.:


painted by Ron Mottram


Course Modules




Acrylic Painting 

     Modules are in process and are being currently trialled before being issued within the classes.


These are held on a monthly basis involving a visiting professional artist and are proving to be a huge success.

Artist have included :

Colin Clifton

Dr. Patrick Oates

Peter Goode

Rosemary Hale

Prof. John Davenport

Bee Morrison
John Redfern - Harris
Geoff Hunt
Jude Lovatt

Gwen Scott

Leanne Ellis