Module 1 To Stretch Water Colour Paper

  1. Select your water colour paper eg 90lb, 140lb or 200lb from either Cotman (Winsor & Newton) or Bockingford (Daler/Rowney)
  2. Place clean cold water in the trough to a depth of approximately 5cm
  3. Using brown gummed strip, tear off twice the length + 3cm and twice the width + 3cm, creating 4 suitable securing lengths
  4. Immerse the paper in to the trough of water and leaving the paper to soak for 2 minutes.
  5. Place 3 sheets of white paper kitchen towel on a clean surface to give the maximum area of the water colour paper.
  6. Carefully remove the paper from the trough and lay it flat upon the prepared kitchen towel surface. Handle by its edges.
  7. Cover the water colour paper with two further pieces of kitchen towel to absorb the surface water.
  8. Carefully place your water colour paper on to the wooden marine ply surface (normally 6mm or 9mm) then wipe the longest length of gummed strip with water and place on to the longest edge of paper, securing the paper to the board. Normally, about 1 cm covers the paper to prevent paper movement when it is wet.
  9. Wrap around the excess of gummed strip at both ends of the board.
  10. Repeat for the shorter side then bottom edge and finally the opposite width
  11. Place the board near to a radiator and leave overnight or a minimum of 2 hours in order to dry out.
  12. After this period the water colour paper is ready for pigment application (painting)
  13. Should the paper withdraw from the edges or an edge then it is possibly due to the gummed strip being too wet and therefore, the whole process has to be repeated.

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