Recommended Books and Journals

The Artist
Leisure Painter
Artist & Illustrator

BALL W: Capturing The Moment; David & Charles; 1994
BATTERSHILL, N: Painting Flowers In Oils; Search Press; 1981
BELL, D: A Coastal Passage; Swan Ilill; 1999
BELLAMY, D: Wild Place of Britain; Harper Collins; 1994
BELLAMY, D: Watercolour Landscape Course; Harper Collins: 1993
BELLAMY, D: Painting In The Wild; Harper Collins; 199
BELLAMY, D: Wilderness Artist; Harper Collins; 1996
BELLAMY, D: Developing Your Watercolours; Harper Collins; 1997
BELLAMY, D: Coastal Landscapes; Harper Collins; 2002
BELLAMY, D: Watercolour Landscapes; Harper Collins; 1999

BLAKE, W: Complete Guide To Acrylic Painting; Pitman Publishing Co.
BLOCKLEY, J: Creating Watercolour Techniques; Search Press; 1985

CALDWELL P: Pen & Ink Sketching; Batsford; 1993
CAMPBELL SMITH, R: Watercolour Workout; David & Charles; 1996
CAMPBELL SMITH, R: Developing Your Style In Water Colours;
David & Charles; 1992
CAMPBELL SMITH, R: Watercolour For All; David & Charles; 1988
CAMPBELL SMITH, R: Classic Techniques For Watercolour Landscapes;
David & Charles; 2002
CAMPBELL SMITH, R: Fresh Watercolours; David & Charles; 1991
CAMPBELL SMITH, R: Way With Watercolour; David & Charles; 1997
CAMPBELL SMITH, R: Landscapes In Watercolour; Search; 2000
CARR, D: Painting The Nude; Apple Press; 1993
CLOUSE C: Step By Step Art School ACRYLICS; Hamlyn; 1991
CRAWSHAW, A: Oil Painting Course; Harper Collins; 1992
CRAWSHAW, A: Watercolour Painting Course; Harper Collins; 1993
CRAWSHAW, A: Crawshaw paints On Holiday; Harper Collins; 1992
CUTHBERT, R: Oil Painters Pocket Palette; Batsford; 1993

DOUET, V: Drawing For Pleasure; Search; 1992
DUNSTAN, B: Painting In Progress; Watson-Gupthill; 1976

FLETCHER-WATSON, J: Outdoor Painting; Batsford; 1993
FLETCHER-WATSON, J: The Magic Of Watercolour; Batsford; 1989
FLETCHER-WATSON, J: Watercolour Secrets; Batsford; 2002
FLETCHER-WATSON, J: The Secrets of Watercolour; Batsford; 1997

GIBBONS, M: Mark Gibbons's Dartmoor; Bossiney; 1999
GORDON, L: The Figure In Action; Batsford: 1992
GORDON, L: Anotomy and Figure Drawing; Batsford; 1992
GUEST, C G: Painting Flowers in Watercolour: A&C Black; 2001

HAMILTON, J: Sketching at Home; Blandford; 1993
IIAMILTON, 3: Sketching With A Pencil; Blandford; 1993
HARRISON, H: Watercolours In A Weekend; 2000
HILL, A: The Beginner's Book Of Oil Painting; Blandford: 1979
HILDER, R: Painting Landscapes In Watercolour; Harper Collins: 1996
HOGARTH, P: Drawing Architecture; Pitman; 1973

JACKSON, A: Painting In The Open Air; Harper Collins; 1992
JAMESON, K: Painting - A Complete Guide; Readers Union; 1975

MARTIN, J: Pastels Masterdass; Harper Collins; 1993
MARTIN, 3: Sketching; Harper Collins; 1991
MERRIOTT, J: Discovering Watercolour; Pitman; 1973
MILES, B: Edward Wesson 1910-1983; Halsgrove; 1999
OLIVER, A: The Perfect Watercolour; Harper Collins; 1998
PROBYN, P: The Complete Drawing Book; Studio Vista; 1974

RANSON, R: Watercolour Impressionists; David & Charles; 1989
RANSON, R: Watercolours; Anaya; 1993
RANSON, R: Perfecting Your Watercolours; Anaya; 1995
RANSON, R: Edward Seago; David & Charles; 1993
RANSON, R: Edward Seago - The Vintage Years; David & Charles; 1993
RAYNES, P: Watercolour Workstation; Blitz; 1992

SELIGMAN, P: Weather - How To See It; Batsford; 1992
SIMMONS, K: Watercolour Painting; Batsford; 1993

WORTH, L: Sea & Sky In Watercolour; Search; 1984

Painting In Penn : Library

FLETCHER-WATSON, J: The Secrets of Watercolour; Batsford; 1997
SEVERAL ARTISTS: Leisure Painter Projects; 2002
PENNEY, J: Discover The Joy Of Acrylic Painting; North Light; 2002
FLETCHER, A: The Watercolour Flower Painters A-Z; Search; 2002
KING, I: Watercolour Landscapes; Harper Collins; 2002
WEBER, M C: Brushwork Essentials; North Light; 2002

Developing Your Watercolour - Bellamy
Landscape Watercolours: Campbell-Smith



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